Swachata mohim

Krishna Hegde distributed 850 trash cans in Vile Parle alone.

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Education is a Right

Krishna Hegde believes that every Child has a Right to be Educated

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Hygienic Food

When we buy chappals in an AC store and food on a dirty road, we have a serious problem. Krishna Hegdes distributes clean packaged food to the needy and brings clean food delivery services to Vile Parle

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Protecting our Environment

The temperature in Mumbai has soared over 39 deg C ... Our water is polluted ... our air is polluted ... our food is polluted.

We are fighting a war with pollution and as of now it looks like we are losing this war.

While we continue to look at cars as a source of pollution, we have to consider every factor from clean construction to clean public transportation to minimize pollution. Every little step such as saying no to "Plastic water bottles" helps the environment.

Krishna Hegde is taking up the fight against pollution and making this city clean again. To join this fight and pledge your support please contact him directly.


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